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Alliances with Professional Organizations

EstimatingPlus is an active member of the Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence. Both of the Principles of EstimatingPlus are Certified Job Order Contracting Professionals (CJP's).


The CJP certification is an in-depth industry training course provided by CJE, both on-line and in person, so industry practitioners can fully understand all of the nuances of this highly utilized project delivery method from the ground up.  To learn more, go to  and click on “Education Center”.


Charlie Bowers, one of the principles of EstimatingPlus, is one of only 4 people designated as a member emeritus of Center for JOC Excellence for his seventeen years of training of CJE members and educating the building community as a whole. He has been fondly referred to as Mr.JOC because of his in depth understanding of JOC as an Alternative Delivery System.


Alan Levin, one of the other principles developed and introduced a Unit Price Estimating System for  PGAI a major subsidiary of PG (one of the largest contractors in Southern Africa). He developed and implemented a form of Job Order Contracting with several major Owners such as Woolworth's before JOC was formerly developed by the US military.      


EstimatingPlus is committed to collaboration with the Center for JOC Excellence as a strategic member/partner to further Job Order Contracting as one of the leading "Alternative Delivery Methods" for certain types of construction. We consider ourselves an industry advocate, and we most certainly are proud to share the responsibility to teach potential users how to excel at putting JOC into practice.  Our experience tells us that, when properly executed, JOC is unsurpassed in delivering high levels of safety, quality, cost effectiveness and on time project results.

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