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eliminate guesstimating from estimating and obstruction from construction 

Needs Assessment

And Training

EstimatingPlus will meet with Owner/Agency to assess program needs. Objective of this assessment is to enhance the delivery and procurement of existing and/or new facility work by implementing an efficient and effective Job Order Contracting (JOC) program.

Our role in the implementation can vary from being an extension of Owners staff (totally hands on) to minimal involvement after initial implementation and thorough training of Owners staff.

If Owner chooses the latter, we will be available after training, on an as needed basis. Our scope of work can be entirely tailored to fit Owner’s needs.

Contractors wishing to participate in JOC work can be fully trained to use our database and software helping to ensure a positive relationship between Owner/Agency and Contractor. 

Customized Unit Price Manual 

Detailed Compliance Report

EstimatingPlus will develop a customized Unit Price Manual (UPM) to meet Owners needs. We can also develop a Scope of Works based on Owners requirements.

Our Detailed Compliance Report (DCR), also known as a Detailed JOC Estimate Report provides an independent project quantity takeoff ensuring accurate costs and a fair comparison and evaluation of the JOC Contractors estimate.

Our Independent Owner Estimate (IOE) facilitates alternate forms of JOC/IDIQ delivery, meeting the full needs of any K-12, City or State entity.   

EstimatingPlus when requested acts as an intermediary to help create a transparent, long lasting relationship between Owner and Contractor.

Cloud-based Software

(with estimating and or project management)

Compared to other desktop systems our cloud-based JOC software makes access and communication between parties a breeze, ensuring efficient execution.

Although our system is extremely intuitive we provide training for users.

Software includes line item estimates, facilitates inclusion of project drawings, scope of works and pictures of construction in progress.

Software also includes a project scheduling module to help eliminate unwanted time creep. Also included are change order updates (if any), payment schedules and other desired management reports.

Our nationally recognized line item pricing is customized for projects based on location.

Prices of labor and material are regularly updated to allow for IDIQ project execution.

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